The Species That Almost Got It Right

We will forever be known as “The Species that Almost Got it Right”. Throughout history, we have been notoriously wrong about everything. And although we are more often wrong than right we sometimes get pretty close.

Example: the Flat World Theory was only off by 0.008957 degrees per kilometer. So they were not that far off when you look at it from the ground. It makes it a lot easier to imagine a round world when you see it from outer space. Taking a bigger view always makes it easier to understand.

In the absence of clear-logic, we become strangely loyal to illogical trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it.

Robert A. Heinlein

It is a crazy and backward idea that the universe was created out of a singularity, and yet most mathematicians, cosmologists, astronomers, and physicists believe that. Cosmology has become cosmogony, the useless study of the “origin” of the universe.

It is only a matter of time until the scientific community rejects the Big Bang Theory (BBT) and embrace a more logical theory. The BBT will surely be replaced by the Infinite Universe Theory (IUT). It will produce the greatest revolution in science since Copernicus. A change of this magnitude will not come easily and probably not for a long time, but it will come.

Big Bang Theory:

There are as many versions of the BBT as there are cosmologists, however, I will give a basic summary. The universe is finite and began from a singularity. If you are religious God created that singularity. If your not religious the singularly had always existed and for some unknown reason it just exploded and started to expand, defying all known laws of physics.

The fact that Georges Lemaitre, a Belgian Catholic priest, wrote the initial theory should raise some eyebrows. Many people say that the Red Shift and the Cosmological Background Radiation are evidence of the BBT, however, there is always more than one explanation for something. Several ideas for the redshift are that we are in a pocket that is stretching in all directions but is small on the grand scale of infinity or the red shit is a result of the double wave structure of matter. The truth is that BBT is nothing more than religion wrapped in science.

Infinite Universe Theory:

Just as the BBT starts with the assumption that the universe is finite, the IUT starts with the assumption that the universe is infinite in three dimensions and eternal. Space is not an empty vacuum and mater cannot exist without motion. Time is a measurement of space and energy is the motion of matter.

Mathematics must forever be a slave to science; science should not be a slave to mathematics. One might ask why that is? Because you can make a mathematical formula to give any answer you want. But to a hammer, all the world is a nail. The best mathematicians realize that the idealism underlying calculation is just that: idealism, a representation of reality, not reality itself.

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