Empire or Humanity? Which Will We Choose?

We like to think our humanity is what separates us from the other animals but is it? Perhaps that is what best describes our philological state?

I believe what separates humans from the rest of the animals is the ability to hold two contradictory opinions on the same subject at the same time. This ability allows us to conceive of things that do not currently exist. It is the foundation of science and technology but it turns out it also allows us to exploit other people’s false beliefs.  

The government uses this phenomenon to convince everyone that the US Military is out protecting the world from tyranny when in fact it is the exact opposite. The US Government is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today and uses the military as thugs for the interests of the corporate elite.

What Will You Chose, Empire or Humanity?

When we buy into these propaganda messages we actually enable more death and destruction throughout the world. We must resist the urge to blindly follow whatever our leaders say and look at their actions first.

It’s time we put away these man-made problems and develop a kinder and gentler humanity for the world.

Ships Captain The Dread Pirate Dave

David is the Editor in Chief of Postcards From the Edge. I was born on a cold November morning on the showy plains of Colorado. Like my father, before me, I am an American Nomad.

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