Anchorage: Tilghman Creek
Anchorage: Tilghman Creek

Anchorage: Tilghman Creek

Tilghman Creek Anchorage
Location: Eastern Chesapeake Bay
Mile Marker: Mile 63.6 East
Lat / Lon: N 38° 50.433′ / W 076° 15.950′
Depth: 6-11 Feet
Holding: Good, Mud
Wind Protection: All Around
Wake Protection: All Around

Anchorage: Tilghman Creek
Anchorage: Tilghman Creek

Tilghman Creek is an excellent place to drop the hook if you are looking for solitude. This honey of an anchorage is sheltered from all directions. Houses and docks surround the cove.

This location is not normally crowded and offers good holding. Use caution when entering the narrow channel as the entrance is shoaling in spots to depths of less than 6 feet. I actually ran into a sand bar and had to go farther north to enter the creek.

History of Tilghman Creek Area

Prior to the 1870s, the area was part of the nearby McDanieltown postal community (now McDaniel). Its name can be traced back to Matthew Tilghman, the head of the Maryland delegation to the Continental Congress. The area history also includes a Lloyd Tilghman, Confederate general.

Going Ashore at Tilghman Creek?

All of the land around the creek is privately owned. You cannot take a dinghy to shore for supplies because there is no place to land. However, just a short distance down the Miles River you can find the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum where docking and supplies are available.

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