Mother Muff's Kitchen and Spirits in Old Colorado City
Mother Muff's Kitchen and Spirits in Old Colorado City

Mother Muff’s Kitchen and Spirits in Old Colorado City

Before it was Mother Muff’s Kitchen and Spirits, it was Meadow Muffins and before that, it was an opera house, a bank, a bicycle shop, and an ice cream shop. The Waycott Building was built in 1901 and housed many businesses during its 120-year history.

Meadow Muffin’s was opened in 1979 and was a quick hit with Colorado Springs area residents. Showcasing various curiosities, antiquities, great food and drinks. It was a unique and popular place to eat, drink and dance.

In December of 2014, Mother Muff’s is open its doors with seating for 180 people. The new owners, Rob and Susan Hirt, removed most of the memorabilia that was hanging from the ceiling and on the walls. They cleaned, scrubbed, and renovated the building into what would become Mother Muff’s Kitchen and Spirits.

  • Mother Muff's on the corner of 25th St and Colorado Ave
  • Front view of the restaurant
  • At the Bar
  • Plenty of room

Now when I was a frequent visitor back in the 1990s, there was so much stuff hanging on the walls and from the ceiling each visit you would discover something new. But that did make it look quite cluttered. I like the new look, it is open and big, just as the old west use to be.

“We want to offer good food, good drinks and just be a neighborhood bar.”

Susan Hirt – Owner of Mother Muff’s Kitchen and Spirits

On the menu, breakfast items make up most of it and they’re served from the 8 a.m. opening to the 2 a.m. closing. Pizzas, hamburgers, and entrees are available, along with pastries, bread, and cookies.

The bar is full-service and offers almost any mixed drink you could want with a wide variety of beer on tap and from the bottle.

The restaurant has 2,207 Google reviews with a score of 4.5 stars and Facebook has 327 reviews with a score of 4.6 stars.

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