Day 5 of the 36th America’s Cup AC-75 Sailboat Race

If you are wondering why they did not race on Day 4, both races were canceled due to a lack of wind. No wind, no race. So we are moving on to Day 5 of the 36th America’s Cup AC-75 Sailboat Race.

Race 7 started with both boats across the line but the Italians had more speed and were able to take the lead. However, they could not hold it as New Zealand closed the distance and overtook Luna Rossa in the third leg of the race. From there, Emirates Team continued to expand the lead crossing the finish line 58 seconds in front of Luna Rossa.

Race 8 was a strange race as the wind caused both teams to fall off their foils and allowed the Kiwis to cross the finish with a 3:55 minute lead. Both boats crossed the start line at the same time but the Italians took the lead and in leg 2 the Kiwis lost the wind and fell off their foils slowing the boat and it looked like Luna Rossa would win as the lead continued to expand.

However, in 3 the Italians lost the wind and fall off their foils allowing Emirates Team to not only make up the distance lost but pass Luna Rossa. The Italians did eventually get back up on their foils but were not able to catch up. Emirates Team crossed the finish line 3:55 minutes ahead of Luna Rosa.

Emirates Team New Zealand535
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli353
Leader Board for Day 5 of the 36th America’s Cup

Race 7
Start: 1615
Port: ITA
Stbd: NZL
Course: E
Axis: 027
Length: 1.9nm
Current: 0.1 knots @ 137
Wind: 9-12knots 025-050 degrees
Winner: Emirates Team New Zealand – 0:58

Race 8
Start: 1715
Port: NZL
Stbd: ITA
Course: E
Axis: 001
Length: 1.89nm
Current: 0.1 knots @ 151
Wind: 9 knots 000 degrees
Winner: Emirates Team New Zealand 3:55

This year is shaping up to be another iconic year in the America’s Cup sailboat racing history.

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