Anchorage: Northeast Whitehall Bay
Anchorage: Northeast Whitehall Bay

Anchorage: Northeast Whitehall Bay

The anchorage at Northeast Whitehall Bay sounds like it will be on the east side of the Chesapeake Bay. They are talking about the Northeast section of Whitehall Bay that is located on the West side of the Chesapeake Bay.

How to Get In

The approach has average depths of 13 to 6 feet. A lighthouse at Sharps Point, on the west side of the entrance to Whitehall Creek, will serve as a long-range marker. Entrance Light 2W, provides a marked approach to the channel between North Shoal and Whitehall Flats.

I have anchored here several times. It can be a bit confusing but worth the effort. The U.S. Coast Guard Station Annapolis is just a few minutes away and are regular visitors to this location after sundown. I am just saying make sure your anchor light is working or expect a visit from them.

Northeast Whitehall Bay has surprisingly good protection from all directions but the south. The bottom is mud and holding is very good. Because of its convenient location and its protection makes it a popular spot to anchor.

On the west side of Whitehall Bay and up the Mill River you will find Cantler’s Riverside Inn which offers free dock while you eat. They are open every day from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Northeast Whitehall Bay
Northeast Whitehall Bay

Location: Whitehall Bay
Mile Marker: Mile 52 West
Lat / Lon: N 38° 59.783′ / W 076° 25.483′
Depth: 11-13 Feet
Holding: Good, Mud
Wind Protection: Open to South and West
Wake Protection: Open to South and West

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