Why Do Women Talk so Much?

Is it a biological need for women to talk so much?  Why must they include every piece of information in their stories?  Most women will tell you that men do not share their feelings and never talk about anything.  Why do women talk and men remain silent?

Studies show that there is no biological difference between men and women’s brains.  There are two basic reasons women talk and think the way they do and both are environmental pressures.

The first pressure is childbirth. Because women give birth they form a physiological bond with the child long before the man does. That kind of bond prevents you from walking away from the responsibility of children. It is much easier for a man to walk away and so a woman’s need for a close and loyal partner to help raise said children are much greater.  Different needs different priorities.

The second pressure is bigotry. The first rule in the game of thrones is to divide your people so they don’t revolt against you. The first dividing line gets rid of 51% of the population, women. The second is color and the third is religion, then nationalism and on down the line.

These disadvantages drive a greater need for communication at all times as opposed to men’s “if I get to it attitude” when it comes to communication,

So how do we bridge this gap between men and women?  Damned if I know.

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David is the Editor in Chief of Postcards From the Edge. I was born on a cold November morning on the showy plains of Colorado. Like my father, before me, I am an American Nomad.

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