Day 2 of the 36th America’s Cup AC-75 Sailboat Race

Day 2 of the 36th America’s Cup had two races with each team winning one race each. The score remains tied between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli at the end of the day.

The first race of the day, Race 3, saw both teams across the starting line together but the Italians had the port side and were able to put the Kiwis behind them with a tack that blocked the Kiwis air, after that New Zealand fought just to keep up. Luna Rossa crossed the finish line with Emirates Team trailing 27 seconds behind them.

The second race of the day, Race 4, started with both teams crossing the start together but Emirates Team was able to pull ahead. At the end of the second leg on the last gibe Luna Rossa did not get the foil all the way down and slowed the Italians giving the Kiwis even more of a lead. In the end New Zealand crossed the finish line 1:03 minutes ahead of the Luna Rossa.

Emirates Team New Zealand222
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli222
The first team to 7 wins

Race 3
Start: 1623
Port: ITA
Stbd: NZL
Course: E
Axis: 015
Length: 1.65nm
Current: 0.2 knots @ 154
Wind: 9-10kts
Winner: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli 0:37

Race 4
Start: 1720
Port: NZL
Stbd: ITA
Course: E
Axis: 013
Length: 1.67nm
Current: 0.2 knots @ 156
Wind: 8-9knots
Winner: Emirates Team New Zealand 1:03

The new AC75 Flying Monohull Sailboats are impressive machines. Although pretty evenly matched the New Zealand boat seems faster down wind. That gives them an advantage half the time so the Italian team must work harder and keep the Kiwi boat in check. One mistake by either team will usually result in a loss.

The winner of the 36th America’s Cup Trophy Race will host the 37th America’s Cup in 2025. They will also set the class rules for the next sailboat to be used in the next America’s Cup series.

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