Day 1 of the 36th America’s Cup

Day 1 of the 36th America’s Cup found each team with 1 win each. In the first race of the day, Emirates Team was first across the starting line with Luna Rossa close behind. However, as the race progressed New Zealand stretched the lead to 31 seconds at the finish line. An impressive win for New Zealand.

In Race 2 the challenger Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli was across the starting line with a nice lead and was able to hold off Emirates Team for the win. Several mistakes made by the Italians allowed Emirates to remain close throughout the entire race, but it was not enough.

At the end of Day 1, the score is tied with each team holding 1 point. The first team to 7 wins will be awarded the America’s Cup Trophy. Today’s results clearly show that there is a long way to go in the 36th America’s Cup Match. This sailboat race is far from over.

Race 1
Start: 1615
Port: NZL
Stbd: ITA
Course: E
Axis: 358
Length: 1.85nm
Current: 0.2 knots @ 163
Wind: 10-12kts
Winner: Emirates Team New Zealand – 0:31

Race 2
Start: 1715
Port: ITA
Stbd: NZL
Course: E
Axis: 358
Length: 2nm
Current: 0.1 knots @ 172
Winner: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli – 0:07

So, for those looking for a clear indication as to who has the upper hand in the 36th America’s Cup, the opening day delivered no guide. Instead, it had proved just how closely matched these two teams are and how the Cup looks unlikely to be a walkover, for either team.

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