The Waterway Guide, an East Coast Sailor's Bible
The Waterway Guide, an East Coast Sailor's Bible

The Waterway Guide, an East Coast Sailor’s Bible

If you are going to be sailing on the east coast you need this resource.  The Waterway Guide comes both online and in the book form

Whenever I have internet access I always consult the online database but when I am in areas with no cell service then I consult the book.  Either way Waterway Guide has the information you will be looking for.  I use this guide for all my route planning.

Help Build the Database

The online system gives users the ability to add reviews and descriptions to the database of marinas, anchorages, bridges, and other relevant marine data.  It is always a good idea to add your thoughts and descriptions as it builds the database and can help future travelers on their journeys.

Why I Like the Waterway Guide

I reference this resource every day I sail on the Atlantic Coastline and Intracoastal Waterway.  When planning my route I can plot my distance on my charts and then reference the Waterway Guide to find the best anchorage or marina in the area. 

While on the ICW it provides valuable information about bridge heights, open and close times, and radio frequencies for the bridge controller.  For marinas, it provides valuable information like approach depth, number of transit slips, cost of slips, cost of fuel, and a long list of features offered by the marina. 

For anchorages, it gives average depth. longitude and latitude, level of protection, type of bottom, and other relevant data to that anchorage.  Waterway Guide also runs a blog that gives warnings and updates for the Atlantic coast and Great Lakes, sailing news, and events.


There is not too much that I do not like about the Waterway Guide but one sore spot, for me as a user, is the featured marina listing.  Featured listings actually contain less information and although it looks a little better than the standard listing, the navigation, to show the various page sections of featured listings, is less obvious to the user. 

Basically, if I were a marina owner I do not think I would pay for the featured listing.  It is true that you get bumped to the top of the list but I usually skip over the featured listings and look at the more detailed standard listing before going to the featured listings.  But that is just a personal issue I have and may not bother you.

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