Today is World Maritime Day

International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the global maritime community has designated September 24th to be World Maritime Day. The theme designed is “Sustainable shipping for a sustainable planet”.

Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Planet.

This year COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone across the globe. The global crisis has demonstrated the importance of shipping. The IMO seeks to guide the industry in the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective method of transporting goods internationally. Shipping remains the leading facilitator of the global economy, carrying more than 80% of global trade.

What’s Wrong With the IMO?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to World Maritime Day. I just question their motives.

With that being said how committed is the IMO in finding sustainability. If their definition of sustainability is to keep the money flowing, then they are heading in the wrong direction. The only way to reach true sustainability is by reducing the demand for shipping. Our world is overloaded and it is dying fast.

We grow tomatoes in California, load them on cargo ships, and send them to Spain for consumption. In Spain, they grow tomatoes to load on cargo ships and send them to California for consumption. This practice is just absurdly inefficient, but it fuels the shipping economy and fossil fuel consumption.

Therefore, shipping and maritime will be at the heart of the economic recovery and future sustainable growth far into the future, both at sea and ashore, supporting an inclusive and resilient economy to underpin the achievement of the sustainable development goals. ‘Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Planet’, our theme for 2020 couldn’t be more relevant now and for years to come.

Secretary-General Lim

My problem with the IMO is that they are looking for a sustainable way to continue industry growth. We must find ways to scale back shipping not increase it.

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