Friday Night Movie Review: Adrift

1h 29min | Thriller | TV Movie 13 April 1993
Director: Christian Duguay
Writers: Graham Flashner, Ed Gernon
Stars: Kate Jackson, Kenneth Welsh, Bruce Greenwood

It appears there are many ways to torture people on a sailboat. This thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. But it does beg the question, do you know who you’re sailing with?

The movie opens on a sailboat named The Raven in a raging storm in the South Pacific ocean. A man yells, “They’re going to kill us,” and another man breaks a 2 x 4 across his back.

His wife scrambles across the slick bow trying to escape but runs straight into her adversary. Eventually, one of the men is thrown over the side and we flash to the beginning of the story.

Patrick Lussier’s sharp editing and Rob McLachian’s crisp camerawork add punch from beginning to end, drawing in viewers to a thriller where there are no extras, scene changes or variance of any kind.

Drew Voros – Variety

Adrift is a story about a troubled husband and wife who set sail on the cruise of a lifetime in an attempt to save their marriage, only for two strangers to turn their dream into a nightmare.

In this TV movie, Kate Jackson and Kenneth Welsh play a couple, relaxing on their yacht in the South Pacific. When they come upon a shipwrecked couple, they rescue the castaways and bring them on board. However, the castaways are evil incarnate and proceed to put the couple through hell.

There is a lot of cat and mouse throughout the movie, a battle of wits in a confined area. So batten down the hatches, clip on your lifeline, a storm is coming.

This is actually an okay little thriller very much in a Dead Calm vein. There’s some needless sub-plot about extra-marital affairs at the start but once the action starts its pretty good.

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