Mississippi Can’t Wait’ for a Coronavirus Cure to Re-Open Economy

Jackson MS – In an interview on Cavuto Live Governor Tate Reeves said there’s an urgent need to re-open the Mississippi economy, last Saturday. He said that Americans can’t wait for a coronavirus vaccine or more extensive testing.

“We can’t wait until there’s a cure to this or wait until every single person can get tested every single day to open up our economy. We have serious mental health issues going on in this country right now. And we also have a serious economic crisis going on in this country right now.”

Governor Tate Reeves on Cavuto Live
  • Mississippi Total Cases: 4,274
  • Mississippi Total Deaths: 159
  • Mississippi Total Tested: 39,065
  • USA Total Cases: 765,069
  • USA Total Deaths: 40,587
  • USA Total Tested: 3,861,596
  • World Total Cases: 2,409,827
  • World Total Deaths: 165,109
  • World Total Tested: ???
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  • COVID-19 Deaths by Race
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Demonstrations Across the United States

The interview came amid demonstrations scattered across the United States calling to lift social distancing and stay-at-home rules. At least two states, Florida and South Carolina have already eased restrictions, including reopening beaches.

President Trump threw his support behind protesters in Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia who oppose stay-at-home orders meant to curb the spread of the virus, calling to “liberate” those states.

In response, hundreds of people have gathered at protests in Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Minnesota and other states across the country to pressure governors to lift the social distancing measures.

As the United States continues to have the largest Coronavirus infections and deaths in the world, President Trump has devised a three-step plan to reopen America.

Thousands Flock to Reopened Florida Beaches

Last Friday, Florida Gov Ron DeSantis gave the green light for some beaches and parks to reopen if it can be done safely, even as the Sunshine State recorded its highest single-day increase in confirmed coronavirus cases.

Thousands of people flocked to Florida beaches for the third day in a row after they were forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic
Thousands of people flocked to Florida beaches for the third day in a row after they were forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic

South Carolina Plans to Reopen State Beaches, Retail Stores

The order will apply to numerous nonessential stores, including department stores, flea markets, florists, bookstores and music shops.

“We want to get all these businesses going back as soon as we can,”

Henry McMaster – Governor of South Carolina

Minnesota Reopened Outdoor Recreational Businesses

Last Friday, Gov. Tim Walz signed an executive order that reopened outdoor recreational businesses, including golf courses, bait shops, public and private marinas and outdoor shooting ranges.

The order went into effect the following day and requires residents to adhere to social distancing guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey to Reopens Marinas, Boatyards and Boat Launches

Last Saturday, New York joined Connecticut and New Jersey in opening up their marinas, boatyards and boat launches for recreational use.

The state updated its guidance for golf courses, opening the door for public and private courses to open. Golfers will have to walk the course and carry their own bags without a motorized cart.

Texas Ease Restrictions on Retail Stores and Parks

Gov. Greg Abbott announced executive orders Friday that will ease some of the restrictions on retail stores and parks, but he said all schools, public and private, will remain closed for the rest of the school year.

Abbott said all stores in Texas will be able to operate retail-to-go beginning April 24. They can deliver items to customer’s cars, homes or other locations. State parks are to be reopened on April 20th.

Vermont Scheduled to Reopen Farmers Markets

Last Friday, Gov. Phil Scott announced plans to reopen some businesses, currently under restrictions, on Monday. Farmers’ markets can reopen in limited capacities, starting May 1.

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