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Meet the team that works nonstop to produce the great content you have come to expect from Postcards from the Edge. Browse our authors & read what they have to say.


The Dread Pirate Dave

Captain of the Argo

David is the Editor in Chief of Postcards From the Edge. I was born on a cold November morning on the showy plains of Colorado. Like my father, before me, I am an American Nomad.

Delicious Diana

Ships Cook

Diana is the Editor for the Food section of Postcards from the Edge. She writes the recipes, cook,s and bakes some of the recipes of your favorite foods.

Ellyn Of Delphi

Oracle of the Argo

Ellyn is the Oracle of the Argo. She is our resident soothsayer who is able to foresee the future.

The Dread Pirate Stephen

Captain of the Defiant

Stephen is a guest bloger and a good friend.

Cherilyn Zorrilla

Guest Blogger

Guest blogger for Postcards from the Edge

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