Shackle Slavery in America is Alive and Well

The 13th Amendment explicitly prohibits slavery in all forms, except as criminal punishment. For-profit prisons exploit this loophole in the constitution and practice modern-day shackle slavery.

Government Prisons

The Bureau of Prisons contracts its constitutional and moral responsibility to build, manage, and maintain the American prison system out to modern-day slave owners like the CoreCivic Corporation. This corporation trades its stock based on how many prisoners it has.

So not only are they receiving taxpayer money to run the joint but they make extra off the stock market for each prisoner they have. That does not include the money they exploit from the inmates and their families whenever they visit and the sale of necessities people need to live.

For-Profit Private Prisons

CoreCivic pays guards $12.60 an hour and requires only a high school diploma, while federal prisons pay entry-level workers $18.70 an hour and require higher qualifications. So a savings of $12,000 a year.

In contrast, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says that Federal Prison Wardens earned an average annual salary of $58,570 per year. Damon T. Hininger, President and Chief Executive Officer at CORRECTIONS CORP AMER, made a wapping $3,380,169 in pay and compensation. That is a net loss of $3,321,599 per year.

The private prison can work the images at slave wages and pocket the profit generated from the labor generated by the slaves.

The Political Scam

The politicians say that it creates jobs and tax revenue but the fact is not so, peaches n cream. CoreCivic pays it’s employees less which means less tax collected by the government and less money being spent in the economy. They employ fewer guards and administrators than the government so again a loss. They overcharge the government for services and supplies so again a loss.

Now let’s do the math. We pay fewer workers less money to do the same job and pass the savings plus millions extra to the executives of the For-Profit Prison Corporations. How is that saving taxpayer dollars? How does that make for a better Justice System?

  • Private Guard $24,192
  • Private Prison CEO $3,380,169
  • Federal Guard $35,904
  • Federal Warden $58,570
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