How Leilah Grace Keeps Rue McKenrick Walking Around America
How Leilah Grace Keeps Rue McKenrick Walking Around America

How Leilah Grace Keeps Rue McKenrick Walking Around America

Leilah Grace is the Coordinator for the American Perimeter Trail project that keeps Rue McKenrick walking around America.

Like Lewis and Clark of old, Rue and Leilah are mapping out the new American Perimeter Trail.

American Perimeter Trail Project
American Perimeter Trail Project

Rue McKenrick knew that blazing a new trail around the perimeter of the lower 48 states would be no small task. He began preparations immediately and in January asked his friend Leilah Grace to help manage the supply and logistics for the expedition.

In the short time that she has been a part of APT team, she has secured interviews, raised funds and created an Amazon wishlist. Her goal is to broaden the support network for Rue so he can focus on hiking while still promoting the American Perimeter Trail.

Leilah Grace and Rue McKenrick
Leilah Grace and Rue McKenrick

Meet Rue McKenrick

Rue is a a “Triple Crowner, Long Trailer, JMTer”. He has hiked thousands of backcountry miles led him to create and thru-hike the American Perimeter Trail (APT). He started in Bend, OR in July 2019 and has been hiking continuously since then, self supporting.

The trail is a 12,000-mile loop that circumnavigates the continental U.S. It uses existing trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the Appalachian Trail (AT) or parts of the North Country Trail. He will also be continuously hiking many x-country routes (off-trail) and some undefined routes using a map and compass.

Connect with Rue:
Website: American Perimeter Trail Project
Instagram: @ruemckenrick
Facebook: @americanperimetertrailproject
Go Fund Me: The American Perimeter Trail Project
Amazon Wish List: Rue’s Wish List 

Meet Leilah Grace

Leilah is a pediatric physical therapist, hiker, writer and single mom to 4 kids. She is our coordinator for the APT, managing resupplies, media/press and social media for the Facebook page, as well as a personal physical therapist to Rue.

Connect with Lori:
Instagram: @thehikepodcast
Twitter: @thehikepodcast
Facebook: @thehikepodcast

COVID-19 Official Statement

This is the official statement of the APT Project as of 3/24/2020 2pm EST.

My health, safety and that of the people in the towns I have met on this journey are of my utmost concern. In these uncertain times, I am taking more precautions as I continue my journey to the completion of the APT.

I have always limited my time in towns and will continue to do so. Due to the nature of this trip, I must resupply, but how I resupply may be changing. No part of this project has been pre-determined, and while decisions are made in the best interest of the sustainability of the APT my health, safety and that of others must also be taken into consideration.

The route as initially planned and displayed is by no means final a final route choice. It never was. There are alternative routes and times yet to make decisions about that.

I respect the decisions made by the ATC, PCTA, and CDTC for the safety of the hikers and the towns that support the hikers. Their statements will factor into my decision making as I continue this journey. At this time I will continue my hike, maintaining social distancing as recommended by the CDC.

Rue McKenrick

Sponsors of the American Perimeter Trail

six moon
Armored Outdoor Gear
AeroPress Go - The Better Travel Coffee Press
Granite Gear
Ships Captain The Dread Pirate Dave

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