Fisherman’s Cove in Norfolk, VA
Fisherman’s Cove in Norfolk, VA

Fisherman’s Cove in Norfolk, VA

Located at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, fisherman’s Cove does not offer any anchorage but it does have an excellent marina named Little Creek Marina.  The Little Creek Inlet is shared with the US Navy and a commercial fishing fleet. 

US Navy at Fisherman’s Cove

When you enter the inlet you must keep a sharp eye out for the first turn on the starboard side where the marina is located.  It is hidden by trees and commercial fishing vessels but if you go past the turn the Navy guard boats will scoot right over and show you the way with his 50 cal.  All joking aside they will not shoot you but they will stop you from entering Navy water.

Fisherman's Cove in Norfolk, VA
Fisherman’s Cove in Norfolk, VA

Little Creek Marina

The Little Creek Marina has everything you can possibly need.   Food, water, shower, laundry, and power.  The wi-fi did not reach our slip but we had good cell service so all was good.  Rock walls at the entrance to the inlet keep the rough waters in the bay in check. 

There are stores and restaurants within walking distance.  However, if you want beer or rum you need a taxi or flag down a ride.  I was lucky to have a kind soul offer me a ride to the liquor store when he heard me asking the store clerk where I could get some rum.  A folding bike on your ship can eliminate those long walks and can extend your range when foraging for supplies.

We docked in a transit slip for two days waiting on a storm to pass and met two guys traveling north to main.  I will never forget these two because of their pirate appearance.  Captain Miguel looked like Zorro and Captain Ron who looked like a white Bob Marley.   

They were moving Captain Miguel’s boat from Florida to Main and did not have any charts or a chart plotter.  They were using a cell phone to navigate, we have all been there.  I gave them an extra set I had that covered Virginia to Main.  After two days of drinking and telling stories we both departed the inlet at sunrise, Captain Miguel set a course north along the Atlantic Coast and I steered north up the Chesapeake Bay.

Ships Captain The Dread Pirate Dave

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