Cape May Harbor - Gateway to the Delaware
Cape May Harbor - Gateway to the Delaware

Cape May Harbor – Gateway to the Delaware

I have been to Cape May Harbor twice in my journeys, once I stayed in a transit slip at the South Jersey Marina and once at the Anchorage: Cape May Harbor East.  Both times were pleasant experiences but the Marian, as expected, was much more expensive.

Anchorage: Cape May Harbor East

The anchorage averaged about 10 feet in-depth and had plenty of space both times I was at Cape May.  I did not have any trouble with holding but the ship next to me did begin to drag until we alerted the captain and his mate.  They reset the anchor and did fine the remainder of the night.

South Jersey Marina

South Jersey Marina is a wonderful marina with luxurious amenities.  The marina primary services the big million dollar motor yachts that cruise the Atlantic.  It can be a bit difficult to get into but you can refuel your ship, pump out your gray water tank and shop the extensive ships store and grab a bite to eat at one of the many local restaurants. 

Fishing shacks and cottages on Cape May Harbor
Fishing shacks and cottages on Cape May Harbor

When I stayed in the transit slip the service was top-notch and when I anchored I refueled at the South Jersey Marina they gave me time to run to Wawa two blocks away and buy Made To Order Sub Sandwiches for my crew.  The marina is kind of pricy at $3.00 a foot but it doesn’t get much better than this with a dozen restaurants and small shops within a short distance.

Cape May Canal

Cape May is a nice stopover for those sailors going into or out of the Delaware Bay on long voyages.  When entering or leaving the harbor from the Delaware bay,  you will use the Cape May Canal which has three bridges you must negotiate.  One is the Railroad Bridge which is a swing bridge and is always open to the best of my knowledge. 

The other two are fixed bridges, the Seashore Road (126/626) Bridge and the NJ 109 Bridge, both at 55 feet.  This measurement is at slack tide so you may have to wait on low tide to pass under if you are more than 55 feet.  I measure at 53 feet and I wait until low tide to pass under and it is close.

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