Atlantic City Anchorage: Rum Point Basin

Location: Atlantic City Inlet
Mile Marker: Mile 65.1 New Jersey ICW
Lat / Lon: N 39° 23.150′ / W 074° 24.510′
Depth: 6-15 ft

I have been to Atlantic City twice, once at the Rum Point Basin Anchorage and once at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City | State Marina.  The anchorage is across the inlet from the marinas.

The Atlantic City Marinas

If you want to go to the marinas or get fuel when you enter Atlantic City Inlet, turn to port before the bridge. When I stayed at the marina during the off-season and it was $2.00 per foot for a transit slip. The slip gives you access to the casino and all the marina amenities.

The Rum Point Basin Anchorage

If you want to anchor at Rum Point Basin, turn to starboard before the bridge. The entrance will look a little small and shallow. Don’t worry just keep the grass line to your port and the white markers to your starboard and you will be fine.

Rum Point Basin Anchorage has good holding and plenty of room. You are well protected from strong currents and I did not experience any bad winds. There are some trees and a small strip of land separating the anchorage from the ocean but not much to stop it if the wind blows hard from the east. 

I have not seen Rum Point Basin full and I had plenty of room to choose the perfect spot. Dinghy across the channel to the first entrance at Gardner’s Basin. There is a Public Dock, Aquarium, and a few great little restaurants. There is a 4-hour time limit on the public dock. The bus comes every 10 minutes to take you into the city.

Of the two, I enjoyed Rum Point Basin Anchorage over Golden Nugget Atlantic City | State Marina because it was quieter and most of all, free.

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