2021 Prada Cup Final ~ Day 2

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and INEOS Team UK squared off again to determine the winner on day 2 of the Prada Cup Final and the right to face the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand in the America’s Cup.

Prada Cup Final – Race 3
Start: 1615
Port: GBR
Stbd: ITA
Course: E
Axis: 035
Length: 2.05nm
Current: 0 knots
Wind: 16kts 050 degrees

Winner Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli – 0:13

PRADA Cup Final – Race 4
Start: 1715
Port: ITA
Stbd: GBR
Course: E
Axis: 040
Length: 2nm
Current: 0.1 knots @ 148

Winner Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli – 0:41

With four wins on the scoreboard Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli comes away of the first PRADA Cup Final weekend having stamped their authority and with the first to seven going to the Match, INEOS TEAM UK path gets steeper and steeper.

The races were held on ‘the back paddock’ – as the Race Course E is commonly called – with a north-easterly breeze between 16-20 knots in front of another large spectator fleet.

A first tight race with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli and INEOS TEAM UK was a perfect one-on-one duel of tacks and tactics. Followed by a race in which the British team made one pre-start mistake and were left chasing the Italians for the remainder of the race.

With the performance of the boat looking pretty even, the start becomes a defining moment. The Italians simply sailed better and dictated both races to the British.

Races will resume today, 14th of February at 4:00 PM (NZT), two races are planned, weather permitting. The Prada Cup Final is a best-of-13 series with the first team reaching seven race wins to advance to the America’s Cup Match and face the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand on the 6th of March.

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