Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece
Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece

Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece was a land of breathtaking beauty where science, math, and art combined to produce some of the world’s greatest marvels of architecture and design. From prehistoric palaces to bold symbols of victory, the seven wonders of ancient Greece still hold us in awe to this day.

The only wonder that cannot be found, is the Colossus of Rhodes. The exact location of the Colossus remains unknown to this day.

However, we do know that in 292 B.C. the Greek sculptor Chares began construction on the Colossus. For twelve years, workers forged and reforged iron and bronze left behind from military weapons to create the outer shell of the statue. As the structure was built, the body was filled with stones.

The Colossus of Rhodes stood for just 54 years. In 234 B.C. the statue fell, toppled by an earthquake. Then for 800 years, it laid on the ground. In 693 the Muslim caliph Muawiyah melted down and sold to a Jewish merchant.

The Seven Wonders of Ancient Greece

  1. The Theatre of Epidaurus
  2. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia
  3. Apollo’s Temple at Delphi
  4. The Colossus of Rhodes
  5. The Settlement at Santorini
  6. The Palace of Knossos
  7. The Parthenon
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