Rock Hall Harbor, Maryland
Rock Hall Harbor, Maryland

Rock Hall Harbor, Maryland

Rock Hall, MD
Chesapeake Bay Mile 38.5-East
Lat / Lon: N 39° 08.111′ / W 076° 14.836′
Dock Type: Fixed
Approach / Dockside Depth: 6.0 / ft.
Tide Range: 2.0 ft.

Rock Hall Harbor

Rock Hall Harbor is billed as “The Pearl of the Chesapeake“. This unique waterfront town is located on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.   It’s definitely a tourist town but it’s small with a population of only 1,310 people and never seems to be crowded.  

The Harbor Shack Bar & Restaurant at Rock Hall Harbor, Maryland
The Harbor Shack Bar & Restaurant at Rock Hall Harbor, Maryland

A few of the many things to do in Rock Hall. Fishing, boating, hunting, bird watching, biking, hiking, swimming and plenty of waterfront bars, restaurants, and shops to name a few. The city has a cool trolley system that will take you anywhere in the city for $1.00 a ride.  

Rock Harbor boasts 6 marinas and a free city dock wall that you can tie up on for 24 hours.  I have stayed at Rock Harbor two times for 3 days each stay.  I love that little town.

On my first visit, I paid for a slip at the only marina that is not listed on the WaterWay Guide.  It is a little dock that holds about 12 ships and is located next to the Harbor Shack.  

We paid $1.00 per foot for the slip which was 1/2 to 2/3 cheaper than all the other marinas in the harbor.

Free Dock

On my second visit, we tied up on the city wall for 2 nights and 3 days.  This far exceeded the 24-hour limit set by the city but nobody asked questions so I just stayed for a few days.  

I will tell you the reason that the wall is free, your boat is constantly being pushed against the wall by the incoming waves from the bay.

The bad note about Rock Harbor is that regardless of where you dock for the night you will hear the 5 bars of Rock Harbor blasting music from about 8:00 pm until midnight Monday thru Friday.

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